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Welcome to the Charlotte Betry Music Studio!

Whether you are just starting out or seek to be a lifelong learner, I am glad you are here and look forward to the opportunity to help the budding musician inside of you blossom! 


I believe everyone learns in their own unique way; therefore, I seek to provide a tailored approach for each of my students that helps them to feel encouraged and successful every step of the way. Students have the option of in-person lessons or online lessons via Skype or FaceTime and should contact Charlotte directly for more information regarding pricing, studio policies, and setting up a trial lesson.


The Charlotte Betry Music Studio offers preparation for various opportunities including:

Studio Recitals – Students will gain the ability to perform in solo recitals featuring classical and popular genres! In addition to our traditional Spring Recital we have a chamber ensemble concert in the Fall where students perform duets, trios, quartets, and even flute choir pieces with other members of the studio! This is a fantastic opportunity to build a strong flute community within our studio and often allows students the chance to play on auxiliary instruments within the flute family such as piccolo, alto flute, and bass flute!

Certificate of Merit Evaluation Program through the Music Teacher’s Association of California. This program is non-competitive and provides students the opportunity to enhance their Musicianship and knowledge of Music Theory/Ear Training based on their individual level.

Audition Preparation – Students will develop the necessary tools to successfully audition for various honor bands/orchestras, competitions, and music festivals. As part of the audition preparation, we will discuss common issues for musicians such as overcoming performance anxiety, creating an audition action plan, and how to ensure a successful and positive audition day!

Building a Supportive Flute Community – Private lessons can often be a lonely activity for students, especially if they are unable to participate in additional music activities outside of their weekly lessons such as school ensembles, youth orchestra, etc. So often students become discouraged if the activity becomes too isolated, but in the Charlotte Betry Music Studio, we create a huge emphasis on building a flute community within our studio that is supportive and fun! So, whether you are interested in an activity above or would prefer to learn for fun, we guarantee that you will develop new friendships and the excitement of working together as a studio!

If you are interested in private lessons, please contact Charlotte for more information!

Sterling Junior Flute Choir

The Sterling Junior Flute Choir is an addition to its flagship ensemble The Sterling Flute Choir and offers participation to all flute students grades 4-12! The purpose of the Sterling Junior Flute Choir is to better prepare students for various ensembles, enhance their individual musicianship, and to create a community of young flutists that fosters an environment of support, fun, and creativity.

The Sterling Junior Flute Choir has three sessions per year with each session culminating to a
shared concert with The Sterling Flute Choir.

The session concerts are as follows:
Fall Session--Holiday Concert (December)
Spring Session--Classical Concert (April/May)
Summer Session--Pops Concert (July/August)


For more information or to register for our next session, please contact Charlotte at:

Student Reviews

“Miss Charlotte is an amazing music teacher! Her love of music comes out in the passion she brings to ensure her students can develop, grow and excel.” 

Andrea Yolo

(Parent of a Student)


Free downloadable resources for flute students!

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To purchase technique lists for  Levels 2-Advanced please

contact me here.

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